It is very interesting to visit an original local hammam. It will cost about 8 dirhams entry fee. You can get a massage that fantastically deep cleanses your skin, the tip cost for a such a massage is from 50 – 100 dirhams. In large cities or hotels, you can find luxury hammams, which offer much more comfort, but also have a much higher price! Especially Marrakech has a large number of such luxury hammams.

When going, you should bring with you a towel, soap, a massage glove, fresh underwear, and a small bucket. An additional small bath mat is practical, but this can often be rented. The black natural soap that is used, and a massage glove, can also be purchased at the hammam. Some hammams have separate opening hours for men and women. Others are for only men or women. Each visitor receives 2 rubber buckets. First you enter an anteroom where you undress. Often there are lockers for your clothes, but sometimes the lady at the reception desk will watch your things. Normally you keep only your panties, some women choose to keep their tops on, but you may find ladies without anything on! Check around and you can do like the others, if you wish. Men usually keep their underwear on. You then go into the hot room for pore opening. There is also hot and cold water to use, which is then put into your two buckets.

Now it’s off to the next slightly cooler room. There you look for a free corner, and pour a few buckets of water onto the floor, to wash away the dirt of your predecessor, and then you spread out your bath mat. Then, with the help of the a smaller bucket, hot and cold water is poured alternately over your entire body. To wash your intimate parts you may want to turn towards the wall. I recommend you use the services of the Hammam staff, as they give a strong massage, using the rough glove, which cleans the skin perfectly. First, your skin is washed off with black soap, which is vegetable-based, containing olive oil, and is thus very skin-friendly. After the massage there is a peeling treatment with Rhassoul.

„Rhassoul“, also „Ghassoul“, comes from the Arabic word „ghassale“, which means „wash“. Rhassoul is a natural clay material that is mined in the Atlas Mountains, and has been a traditional hair care and cleanser in North Africa for many centuries. Rhassoul cleans due to a physical mechanism. The lava earth is composed of silicon and magnesium ions, as well as iron, aluminum and calcium oxides. In combination with water it expands into a pleasant gelatinous consistency. The fine particles of this mixture have a high exchange capacity, so that during the washing, dirt particles and excess fat are sucked away. These impurities are then rinsed off. Any allergy problems, or side effects, which often occur with synthetically produced substances, are not experienced in Rhassoul! This healing clay also has a disinfectant effect on the skin, while deep cleaning it, and nourishing your skin with special minerals and trace elements.

The washing procedure of Rhassoul never completely degreases your hair and scalp, your natural protective layer is not attacked. The high absorption power of the lava earth also counteracts hard water, which can lead to calcium deposits on the hair. The additional benefit is your hair has more body to it, and is also shiny after washing with lava earth.

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