While most tourists from overseas might arrive in Casablanca, Marrakesh is the most exciting tourist metropolis of Morocco. It is best to start your tours from there. Please don’t worry, we can pick you up from any airport in Morocco, and transfer you to this dream of 1001 nights.

On the horizon, the mighty summits of the Atlas Mountains appear out of the haze. Marrakesh is like a fairy tale of 1001 nights. There are few other oriental cities that can compete in beauty with Marrakesh. In Marrakesh, one encounters decorated palaces and Koran schools, hidden in a labyrinth of narrow streets, behind huge pink walls. In the colorful bazaar street dealers offer hand crafted products, exotic fragrances, natural medicines, and fantastic food. Visiting the central square, you will encounter ongoing activity like any medieval market. With nearly 1 million inhabitants, Marrakech is the fourth largest city of Morocco, and the country’s main tourist destination. In Agadir, one visits for relaxation and swimming, but in Marrakesh, one experiences a true dream of the Orient. While there are only about 100 tourist accommodations in Agadir, Marrakech has over150 hotels and 1000 guesthouses (Riads), with these numbers growing every day.

A 19 km long wall surrounds the old town, the Medina. This wall, which is up to two feet thick and nine feet high, was necessary for protection of trade caravans for many centuries. The streets are narrow, too small for the cars of today. They are now used by pedestrians, donkey carts and scooters. Unlike the western world, the outstanding architecture here is facing away from the street. These mostly fortified appearing windowless walls, to most, seem almost forbidding. Wonderfully ornate gates, however, do give you an idea as to what beautiful architecture hides behind these steep walls.

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