Desert Bivouac

For a night in the desert, there is nothing more romantic than to sleep under millions of stars! During desert trekking (several days) you may sleep in your comfortable sleeping bag under the stars or in a small hiking tent. Restrooms will be provided near close – by palms.

But most trips will include just one night in the desert with staying in an established camp. Many are looking today for a bit of comfort, so you have a good choice!

  • If you wish to try our standard bivouac, you will have a nomad tent. It is furnished with beds and blankets, with a shower and toilet outside to share. You should bring your own sheets and towels.
  • The “comfort camp” is a very good choice with clean sturdy white tents for 2 – 4 people. Attached to the tent is a smaller tent with a shower and chemical toilet for your private use. The beds are furnished with clean sheets and towels.
  • There also is our “top-of-the -line” luxury bivouacs. Here you will have a comfortable large tent, with a king sized bed; good linen and comforter, handmade woolen carpets to walk on; and a private bathroom with hot shower and WC. You may also wish to sit outside on your private patio and enjoy the beautiful sunset. But you have of course the option to take a camel ride on top of the sand dunes.
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