My day in Marrakech

The night was short, first of all, I can not sleep well anyway, and then I’ll meet Abdous Webmaster in the office today. He should help me with a WordPress website. At home I had already started my new English travel site. But I had a specific wish, and I did not succeed. A brief meeting with the young student Amlal revealed that he would like to introduce a different design and I set myself up for a long day at work, in fact he said that we definitely need three days. What surprised me, but okay, he just wanted to make it completely new.

To prepare for this I got up very early and tried to move the previous pages to a new subdomain. In addition, I even bought a new domain. But then there were only problems. I was always redirected to the old page address and it was not long before my beautiful content was gone. I think everyone who works with a computer has experienced it before. Although I actually did everything right.

That was the status when I arrived at the office. I hoped Amlal could help me find the pages again, but nothing. And then he developed his plan, which also required a new design to be installed. As usual with any PC work it went wrong first and it took several hours, until finally everything was ready that we could make the first page. It’s pretty easy in WordPress and I had done quite it well. But Amlal wanted to use his page editor, which he said is so easy, and got started. I do not exaggerate when I say, true, it is easy, for a graduate of a computer science degree. Not for me. I tried to trust him, what a nice website I was supposed to get, and so on, but I realized more and more that I could never continue it on my own. And it became increasingly clear to me that Amlal really wanted to do a completely new, professional website for me, which could take a week or two. Tears came to my eyes. I can never do that and my beautiful pages that I developed are gone. At some point I could not help but yell at him and he said that I had to call my provider who might be able to help. Especially because the new domain has always been redirected to nowhere. Well, I’m in Morocco, that will be expensive. Amlal handed me his iPhone and I dialed. My provider has a really good support even in Morocco. The redirects that I was unable to clear myself were gone, and the technicians tried to find the lost pages. In the end, when I was switched to music too long, I hung up and wanted to end the expensive conversation, but I could not believe my eyes when the support man called me to tell me the pages were back.


By this time it was afternoon and all the previous hours had been lost. Finally I could show Amlal what exactly I wanted from him. Namely that a short snatch of my tours already on the start page can be seen with a link to the description. Amlal took a deep breath, because time was burning for him as well. Besides continuing his studies, he also has his own company and is quite covered with orders.

Back in the hotel it was really, really hot. I went to the pool, but it was unbearable. You could already sense that maybe a storm was in the suit, so I went up to work a little by my website. At 19 o’clock it always means, go down into the foyer or on the terrace and hold a chat with the director. That’s why I love this hotel, I’m never alone in the evening. Always some friends come by and you meet interesting people. Today it was pretty quiet, the storm rumbled, but did not really want to get started and I was already preparing to go to bed early that evening. Had slept little anyway the night before and instead destroyed websites.

But there came a message from Kamal. Where are you? I’m sitting on the terrace. I am coming over. It was already past 10 pm when he arrived and ordered a bottle of the good Sahari red wine. We chatted and chatted and at the third bottle he announced that friends of his would still come over. Kamal is an incredibly nice guy, when you see him like that in his worn t-shirt, you think he’s never done anything, he’s funny. But he is a very good film producer and has already made great films. My favorite movie is 24h Marrakech. But last spring I also met him in Merzouga, where he just made a video clip for Sony with Namika, the Moroccan-born singer who is just making a splash in Germany.

The bar was already closed, wine was still on the table, when at last the friends arrived long after midnight. An incredible woman, spirited and pretty. In her wake her divorced husband, whom she will marry again in a few weeks. The two really turtled like the pigeons. I searched the deserted tables for two glasses and rinsed them, because the staff was in bed for a long time. The conversation was about everything, Kamal had introduced me only as a German friend and I had absolutely no intention to tell anything about me, Kamal told vividly about his film projects and I did not fit in there. In the end, the man asked for my name again, I just said Edith. Yes, and the last name? Actually, an unusual question in such a loose round. Kohlbach. The Edith Kohlbach, the travel guide writer? He was ecstatic and I was quite flabby that he had heard of me. We even met with friends in Merzouga, but I could not remember it. He works as a tour guide and his wife runs a guest house. Of course, that was clear that there was an invitation, but I do not have much time this time.

Then came another couple, Asmaa with her boyfriend. She is Kamal’s assistant on the movies, and that was good. As with filming, she took everything in hand and pointed out to Kamal that this was a hotel where people are sleeping above us and we should be quiet. Kamal suggested going to the disco. I was happy for him, wished him a nice evening, but I’m going to bed. It had become nerly 2 am.

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