Desert Adventure

The SUV caravan first took us from Errachidia to Erfoud, where lunch was waiting in the Dunes restaurant. All participants chose Medfouna, the traditional dish of the region. A flatbread dough is filled with a mass of meat, herbs and spices and then baked in a wood-burning oven. So far, the poor pilots have had no opportunity to spend money and buy some souvenirs for the family, so we shortened the waiting time to eat with a visit to the boutique. There was of course a chech for the desert, which is absolutely necessary, but also small beauty products with argan oil for the women were in great demand, the store looked like after a locust incursion, bought empty. After dinner we went to the fossil quarries and also there were the flying dealers quite happy about a little turnover, albeit mostly in euros.

Next we went offroad directly to the dunes, where the camels were already waiting for us. The luggage was accommodated in a pickup, the driver of course left first some air from the tires, so he comes over the dunes, because our camp is really beautiful in the middle of it. A lady could not ride because of back problems, also for me no camel was ordered and then the pickup was full and I did not fit in any more. How beautiful! Because so was specially ordered for me a driver with quad and off went the hot ride.

Actually, the caravan should arrive in time for the sunset, but nothing happened. These are the moments where I am nervous as a tour guide. Of course, I did not think anything happened except that they miss the beautiful sunset. Eventually, I organized my quad rider and drove towards the group. But all right, they had selected a dune on the way and looked from there. You have enough of it at Erg Chebbi.

The reception in the bivouac was just terrific. A Gnaoua group from Khamlia welcomed us, that was so nice. There was tea and biscuits and then I distributed the rooms, we really used all 16 luxury tents of the camp and for me only a simple tent, but also with toilet and shower. Only without a power outlet, but it was flung. It’s just unbelievable how comfort in the desert progresses but is also in demand. Some tents already have air conditioning and I am sure the others will follow. So you can stay overnight in the desert in the summer. In the restaurant of course there was Wi-Fi, not too long ago unimaginable, I’m just curious when there will be a pool in the middle of the desert.

For dinner there was tagine and of course again music and dance. What a wonderful evening, in which especially the weather played wonderful. Both on the flight and here in the desert we had a clear, windless day, only to see the stars, you have to leave the lighted camp a bit.

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